Guided Tours Throughout The Paradigm provided by Anonmonkywrench & Goldi

R.I.P. AnonMonkywrench 

Aug 8, 1966- Feb 14th, 2019


Guided Tours Throughout The Paradigm provided by Anonmonkywrench & Goldi

R.I.P. AnonMonkywrench 

Aug 8, 1966- Feb 14th, 2019




A call to all Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers across the world.

This fight, this takedown of the Deep State and & the cabal runs deep, entangled and affecting the freedoms and liberties of human beings in all countries and nations.
Not only are we here to wake those that slumber in ignorance in the United States, but want to do the same worldwide.
Our dedication is not just towards the United States, it is towards our brothers and sisters around the world
The elitist, the 1% are destroying your freedom and liberties, including  your right to free speech, you're right to arm yourself in protection. We want you to spread your message in order to restore your country and fill it with law-abiding citizens who refuse to be enslaved by the cabal or the Deep state. 
We want to help you make a stand. 
We know their plan.
We are armed with righteous anger and with  the insight of Qanon, we are looking at the big picture. 
We understand their plan, and we need to reach out to like-minded individuals who are determined to regain their God given rights by stopping the Deep State and cabal in their tracks.
We must stand together  in order to accomplish these goals. 

We want to effect positive change around the world. 
We pray for our brothers and sisters  worldwide and we know that some of you do not have the ability to speak freely and without fear of repercussion, and it's those brothers and sisters that we are inviting to share this platform. 
We also know that every country has different circumstances that need to be addressed. 

Here in the United States the deep state has  been backed into a corner, and they are desperate to remain in power, and they will do whatever it takes they show no mercy , but We the People of the United States are waking up. We are determined to disrupt and end their sinister plan of worldwide bondage and enslavement. 
Brothers and sisters of humankind, we do not hold hate against you, we want you to be free. We see the corruption in our government, we understand that the corrupt have done things against many of our brothers and sisters without our permission and knowledge. We are not part of that corruption. 

We want you free. 

We want you safe. 

We don't want war.

We don't hold hatred against you and your fellow countrymen. 

We don't want your country as a trophy, we want you to prosper in freedom.

We have all been oppressed from being in the clutches of  those  who  thought  that we would not wake up in time  and their evil plan see the evil plan for worldwide domination, for

their evil plans has been in the making for hundreds , if not thousands of years. 

For those of you who are willing  to seek real truth you have come to the right place .  

You have taken the first steps to join the cause, to use this platform to educate and inspire other brave brothers and sisters to reach out and tell is your stories.

We offer this platform as a tool to support the Freedom Fighters and Truth Seekers worldwide.

This could be our last chance to save the world, and to create an opportunity for everyone to be blessed with God given rights and freedom.

We want to give you a platform. 

We want to spread the word about your specific needs. 

We want to hear your voices speaking truth to power without fear. 

Here you can remain anonymous, so that you don't have to worry about repercussions. 

Please let us know  that you exist. 

Let us know the problems in your area so that we can focus on trying to help you call attention to and spread the word that we as the family of human beings are not going to be enslaved buy a handful of vile & evil people. 

Let us try to understand and help you.

We  want to support you and share your voice with the world.

We want your input, because we are trying to take back our Republic from the hands of the evil doers, we are trying to protect our constitutional rights from the hands of the evil doers, and as we  progress  towards our goal we want to include protecting and restoring I want to hear from you your own freedoms and rights. 

We want to hear from you. 

Be sure to send us a message by visiting the comment section.

Please remain anonymous, and explain to us what you're dealing with and any suggestions on how we can help you wake up the people in your vicinity. 

We are trying to come up with ideas and specific methods of reaching out to the world and your input would be so valuable.

You're not alone. 

Where we go one we go all!

Anonmonkywrench & Goldi

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We want to hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions.

We want to reach out to fellow Patriots throughout the world, because...

Where We Go One We Go All! 🇺🇸

Now make some noise!



It's time to expand your thinking.

It's time to hold the corrupt accountable.

It's time that we reclaim our liberty and our freedom. 

We must unite across the world and take a stand!

It is not about left or right, black or white, or who is wrong or right.

This is about Good vs Evil. 

Us vs Them!